Sangria, Bloody Mary’s, Mimosas on tap. Conversations are flowing. Your table looks like something straight out of a Martha Stewart cookbook. Shakshuka, Brioche french toast, red velvet waffles, dirty chais, cappuccinos adorned with stunning latte art. What more could a young woman want?

Brunch is perhaps one of the simplest ways to relax after a hectic week owning it in boardroom. To be able to see my friends over a great meal at stunning locations like Coogee, Bondi and Dural is one of my life’s biggest blessings. This brunch was extra exciting, as I got to ring in one of my best friend’s birthdays.

True to form, the dress code was to look chic and fabulous from all angles. And upon seeing those words on the Facebook event, I knew exactly what to wear:

The details:

Unfortunately, the day was again overcast, and windy. However, I played these two elements to my advantage and wore a gorgeous pink dress to compliment the beachside brunch venue. Millennial pink is on trend right now. However, the colour is often overdone or shied away from.


Pastels are difficult to style, especially on my olive toned skin. However, millennial pink is one shade that never fails any skin tone. If you have beautiful deep skin tones, the colour brightens your complexion, and if you’re fair, millennial pink continues to display your natural radiance.

For this brunch occasion, I paired a millennial pink pencil dress with a pair of cream and silver sandals. My accessories included a pair of white and silver studs, a beaded choker in the same colour scheme, and a quilted white clutch.


To me, this look ticked the dress code yet stayed true to my tastes. The dress is perfect to compliment my figure before and after brunch, will look gorgeous hail or shine, and matched the stunning location we dined at. As a curvy young woman with a narrow upper body, pencil dresses with a v-neckline paired with a choker, are flattering as they accentuate my curves without drawing attention to my lower half.

I styled my hair in voluminous beach waves to match the scenic location. This dress can easily be worn from day to night by changing your shoes to a pair of glittery, strappy, silver stilettos. I went for a more neutral makeup look to match the blush tones and silver accents in my ensemble. My rule of thumb is to ensure your accessories compliment each other, and this includes your makeup look as well.

Dress: Tokito

Shoes: Diana Ferrari

Earrings: Lovisa

Choker: Boutique

Clutch: Colette

stylishly yours,





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