How to make snake print work for you.

Every girl has that one statement piece in their wardrobe that they adore, but never know what to pair it with. Are you currently  facing this dilemma?

My statement piece is a gorgeous pair of snake print pumps. And for three years, they have been sitting in my wardrobe, neatly packed away because I haven’t found a way to style it to my satisfaction.

Inspiration to style these statement pumps struck me while I was choosing outfits for the work week ahead. I set myself the challenge to make these gorgeous heels corporate appropriate.

the details:

Fashion is all about balance. When you have a statement piece like a snake print shoe, it is important to ensure the remainder of the outfit doesn’t draw attention.

This is why I combined a crisp black blazer with black skinny work pants and a lace top. Androgynous style is not only on trend right now, but has inspired many of my power suit ensembles. On one hand, I have a feminine pair of shoes, so why not balance it out by venturing towards tailored business pieces?


My favourite part about this look is the fact that I encompassed a crop top in it. Crop tops are taboo in corporate ensembles. My style tip to wear a crop top at work is to pair it with a high-waisted bottom, such as the skinny pants I’m wearing. A pencil skirt would also look exceptionally flattering. The key is to ensure your crop top is neatly tucked in.


To keep the look sleek and professional given how bold it is, I put my hair into a neat top-knot.


Power suits possess a more masculine edge. This is why I decided to keep my makeup neutral. Neutral makeup is corporate appropriate and does not draw attention away from the delicacy of the lace, or the boldness of the snake print.


It is essential to ensure your accessories compliment each other. I decided to choose natural materials and monochromatic colours to accentuate the snake print detail and the contrast of black lace on a green underlay in my crop top. For my bag, I went with a black, leather tote to make my power suit pop. I paired simple black studs with a silver detailing that matched that of the lace crop top. And to finish my look, I went with a vintage Omega watch, with a black leather strap.



As I’ve shown below, this ensemble can also be paired with a bold bag to give it a more dramatic edge. I used a green cross body bag, but removed shoulder strap to make the look more feminine.

IMG_0120 3


Blazer: Forcast

Crop top: boutique

Pants: Portmans

Black tote: JAG

Green tote: boutique

Snake print pumps: Corelli

Studs: Lovisa

Watch: Omega (Vintage)

Lipstick: Kat Von D, in Lolita

stylishly yours,



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