When I think of The Weeknd, I think of moody, dark vocals, edge, sass and suspense. So why shouldn’t my outfit reflect the same?

When dressing for a concert where you know you’re going to break it down and scream your lungs out, comfort is key. I’m a huge believer in letting your outfit emulate the artist’s vibe. That’s why, for this look, I chose to mix black, metallics, texture and leather.


Since the concert was in the night, I paired my trusty Just Jeans black denim jeggings with an H&M invisible neckline top boasting sheer sleeves. To finish off the look, I wore a pair of black sock boots from Diana Ferrari, earrings and ring from Lovisa, a boutique studded bracelet and a red lip courtesy of Maybelline.


Other alternatives for this look include wearing a black camisole, high waisted tailored shorts or combat boots. Carrying a bag that’s size appropriate and fits all your belongings is also important. I’ve linked some other bags that would work perfectly for this look.



When wearing an all black ensemble, you have free reign with the accessories you choose. I chose to stick to a metallic theme, and have curated two jewellery looks with different metals.

Because my skin tone is cooler, I went with cooler gold, silver and crystal tones. The ring and bracelet emulate the same shape; and the earrings add a bit of dramatic flair because of their unique shape. These earrings sit below your lobe, rather than on your lobe, which adds a new layer to this ensemble.


However, if you have a warmer skin tone, working with gold, bronze and darker toned silver jewellery is perfect. True to current trend, I created a bangle stack with a combination of claspless bangles, a dainty circle accented bracelet, and a dark silver bracelet to provide a bit of edge and drama. Perhaps my favourite part of this jewellery combination however, are the earrings. These earrings, reminiscent of the Dior reversible pearl earrings brought out earlier this year, can be worn with either a larger or smaller pearl, depending on your preference. You could even alternate the stud size to add a new dimension to the look.


Camisole: Target Australia

Top with sheer sleeves: H&M

Jeggings: Just Jeans

Sock boots: Diana Ferrari

Combat boots: boutique handmade leather boutique in Cape Town

Stud bracelet: Boutique

Ring: Lovisa

Claspless bangleS: Lovisa

Gunmetal clasp bracelet: The Markets in Piza

Circle clasp bracelet: Lovisa

Lipstick: Maybelline

Silver earrings: Lovisa

Gold earrings: Lovisa

stylishly yours,



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