In the first of many posts over the next few weeks, this is your quintessential guide to immersing in the biggest trends for Autumn/Winter 2018.

First up? Plaid.

Before I divulge all my secrets on taking a print that brings back memories of ill-fitting uniforms, let’s take a look at how the biggest names in fashion integrated plaid into their autumn/winter collection:


chanel plaid

source: Vogue

Chanel rarely does things in halves, and their introduction to plaid for autumn/winter was no different. In keeping with the holographic theme, Chanel styled plaid in largely monochromatic tones, playing instead with the size of print. Plaid was embraced in all items of clothing from dresses, to coats and even collars and sleeves. Chanel took it one step further by embellishing plaid with diamantes and pearls.



gucci plaid

source: Vogue

Gucci took plaid on in a more traditional sense by playing with smaller checkered prints and tying it in with other key autumn/winter trends like wearing red. Gucci’s plaid was embraced in stylish, angrogynous suits flaunting flair in their cut2, tailored tops cinched in at the waist with overstated belts, and of course, a well fitting plaid blazer artfully thrown over a floral ensemble.



balenciaga plaid

source: Vogue

Balenciaga nailed trend combinations for autumn/winter. Their collection was nothing short of an artful amalgamation of fabrics, prints and cuts to create edge, eccentric and new age ensembles that were still chic and wearable. Whilst the size of plaid print was demure, Balenciaga transformed a plaid coat in the way it was fastened. Balenciaga maintained more traditional plaid colours, sticking to monochromes and neutral tones in their plaid skirts and coats. What makes these items pop however, is the seamless integration of clashing fabrics like leather with the plaid.


Stella McCartney

stella mccartney plaid

source: Vogue

Stella McCartney nailed the introduction to plaid for autumn/winter. Small plaid prints embellished well structured, well tailored skirts, dresses and coats. However, the seamless amalgamation of honey, sand, grey and khaki with exaggerated sleeves, well fitting torsos and tailored cuts made plaid seductive whilst still remaining elegant.



burverru plaid

source: Vogue

Burberry stepped up their autumn/winter campaign by fusing the polished demeanour of British dressing with street style grit. With seamless construction and plaid finishes, Burberry took comfort items such as penny loafers, argyle socks and coats, to create a modern tension that embodied the new age. Plaid print, textures and colours maintained their tradition, featuring neat plaid print, neutrals and military green, and a penchant for wool. However, these elements were fused with the comfort of everyday dressing to feature on hooded anoraks, sports bags and caps.

Introducing a trend can often feel intimidating because we feel as if we must buy a new wardrobe to accomodate. However, as boss ladies, just like our clothes, time is an investment. This is my guide to introducing plaid with flair and confidence, without blowing out your budget or your closet space.

The first step? Do your research.

Research is as much about understanding what’s on the runway, whats in the market and what will flatter you. Understand your body type before you buy to make the process more seamless.

Step two? It’s all about you.

Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube have the power to both inspire and intimidate. Forget what’s going on around you and don’t feel pressurised into buying into a trend that you aren’t comfortable with.

Step three: investment decisions

Trends don’t require a complete overhaul of your wardrobe. If you’re testing the waters with a new trend, start small. Accessories are the simplest way to do this. Another great way to introduce or test a trend is by pairing the trend with a texture or cut that is familiar to you. This ensures the items compliments your wardrobe.

Step four: less is more

If you feel as if the trend may not be able to carry through to other seasons, hero the trend with one or two statement pieces. You can always increase your collection with more.

For outfit inspiration, this week let’s start small with accessories.

Plaid accessories favour autumn and winter because it’s all about warming textures and cosy colours. Think comfort. We’re talking beautiful cashmere scarves, shawls and wraps. Chic baker boy caps, knitted beanies or even hair ribbons. Plaid also features on bags and wallets.

Don’t shy away from introducing plaid into your manicure, or hesitate to borrow from the men. Scarves are unisex, and a silk plaid handkerchief jazzes up any structured purse.



I’ve chosen to hero an alpaca wool, red plaid scarf. I went with a full black ensemble, featuring a mermaid cut, mullet midi skirt, a form fitting black v-neck, sheer black tights and my trusty Diana Ferrari sock boots.

To soften the impact of wearing all black, I chose to finish my look with a pop of red lipstick in the same hue as the scarf. I kept my accessories simple and structured, and chose to match black studs, a vintage Omega watch and a trusty structured work purse from Colette.


Scarf: hand knitted boutique | Skirt: Forcast | V Neck: Uniqlo | Tights: Target Australia | Boots: Diana Ferrari | Earrings: boutique | Watch: Omega | Purse| Colette | Lipstick: NARS


Here’s a handy little shopping list of accessories that will hero plaid without overwhelming your ensemble:

NAILS             TOTE                CAP              HANKY           SCARF


If you have any questions, or would like a certain fashion topic addressed, comment below or contact the tailortrailor via instagram or email.

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