ALERT, this autumn is going to be bold and bright. That obviously means RED.

Red was huge on the runway. From Victoria Beckham to Jill Sanders, and of course Gucci and Givenchy, brands featured red from small pops to full blown ensembles.


The autumn/winter 2018 collection paid homage to the Givenchy spirit, presenting 27 of the label’s best outfits over the last twelve years. All in the classic Givenchy styled red with vintage detailing representing the season the garment was from.

source: Vogue 

Jill Sander

This collection was all about combining minimalist design with a whimsical twist. Coats, suits and dresses were bold at the shoulder, yet soft with flared sleeves, abstract patterns, and silk. Although the tailoring was impecable, there was an evident play on the proportions of the garments.

source: Vogue 

Victoria Backham

Victoria Beckham featured tailored, bold and oversized blazers with relaxed, knee-high leather boots and sheer, chiffon skirts in a bright, raspberry red.

source: Vogue 

Although some street styles may be difficult to transition from the runway, red as a trend is easy to synthesise into your wardrobe. there are various ways to incorporate red into your looks, whether it be from a pop of red lipstick, or a power suit. Retailers ranging from the high street to the boutiques have provided an array of options to choose from.

Whatever your style may be, there is always a way to embrace red into your outfits. Here’s how you can make your outfits fall ready, from red-to-toe!

Phase 1: The first step

When starting out with such a bright colour, incporate it into your wardrobe with jewellery, makeup, bags, belts and shoes. A pop of red lipstick or doing your nails is a great corporate hack to being trendy on the job. It’s also the perfect way to brighten up an outfit in autumn or winter. Pairing a bold shoe or bag with a simple outfit can elevate your look without overwhelming the eye.

Phase 2: A little deeper

Red tops, pants and skirts are fairly easy to style. Wear what you like, keeping in mind the balance that is necessary when wearing such a strong colour. My first tip is to find the red that matches your skin tone. A great way to do this is to get a makeup artist to match your skin tone to a matte red lipstick. This shade will look good on you from head to toe.

The second tip is considering body type. For the curvy ladies – hourglass and pear – the goal is to make sure attention is on the upper half of the body. A red top is perfect. However, if you would like to style red pants or a red skirt, ensure the drama remains at the top.  Pairing red pants/skirt with a statement belt is an excellent way to draw the eye up. Another consideration is the tightness of the pant leg. I would advise against a skin-tight pant/skirt, select a garment that glazes smoothly over the body instead, for example, red culottes.

Girls with an inverted triangle, apple or rectangular figure should concentrate on the draw attlower half of the body. For you, red pants/skirts are fabulous, especially if it’s tight-fitting. You can jazz up your pants by folding them at the ankles. But if you would like to style a red top, select one that is longer in length and flows over your silhouette.

For more information on skirts, please refer to my earlier post: ADD LINK

Phase 3: Tip-to-Toe

A red dress is a symbol of confidence. If this is your domain, the same rules apply, consider the tone of the red and your figure.  it is the perfect garment for any casual get-together, or a fancy night out.

Red is not a very corporate colour. However, if you work in a more relaxed environment, throw on a classic black blazer or tailored jacket.


I have created an evening look, choosing to portray a classic, feminine ensemble. My top is a cooler red to complement my skin tone. The top features a beautiful lace neckline and draws attention to the upper half of my body. The-envious midi skirt always looks chic, and for myself, balances my curves.

In terms of accessories, the earrings are red with silver embellishments, and I have chosen a shiny silver bracelet to match. My shoes are a deep midnight blue to break the black-red theme of the outfit. And lastly, a pop of red lipstick.


Top: Temt | skirt: Target Australia| shows: Nine West | earrings: Lovisa | bracelet: boutique | lipstick: Nars

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