We often associate corporate environments with playing it safe. Think black and white, conservative skirts and shirts. Simpler cuts. Subtle tones and colours.

But what about having a little more fun with our corporate attire? Why not be creative and jazz up an ensemble? And this time, I’m talking mixed prints.

Today’s post is all about mixing prints, the do’s and don’t’s, and a fool proof guide to ensuring mixed prints work for you, regardless of season or event.


When you work with two bold pieces, size of print is critical. Print size is one of the most important factors to consider, especially when considering a corporate environment. Whilst you want to look unique, looking chic without drawing unwarranted attention is all about balance.


Having more down below means working with a print that features horizontal detailing. Match your top and bottom by transposing prints. If you’re wearing horizontal down below, balance it with vertical detailing up top. Also try and feature a print that is more sober, either in colour or style, so that attention remains on your upper body.



 Target                                  Dorothy Perkins                                      Zara


Because an hourglass frame already has balance, it is critical to ensure the prints selected maintain the same balance. While you can work with prints in any direction, make sure your garments are well tailored, so your curves are not hidden by your ensemble.



Inverted triangle figures often feature broader shoulders and longer lets. The goal is to bring attention away from the upper half, so selecting tops with a relaxed fit, in more vertical detailing will draw an onlooker’s eyes downloads. As for pants and skirts, be as dramatic as you like!


ASOS                                         MissGuided                                   Gestuz


The approach to dressing a frame with a heavier upper body (broader shoulders, wide torso and thinner legs) is the same as dressing an inverted triangle frame when it comes to prints.


Rectangular frames feature shoulders, waists and hips that have the same breadth. You want to give the illusion of greater shape, especially when wearing print. To add definition to your frame, wear stronger prints with bold, bright colours. Opt for body con dresses or pencil skirts with a bold print, and pair with an embellished blazer or blazer with simplistic detailing.

      VERO MODA                                                                   ASOS


Base colour is the most important factor in making mixed prints work for you. There has to be a common link between the colours in the prints you are mixing. If the colours look good together, there’s a large chance the prints will also work together. If you’re new to mixing prints, start with staples like black and white, and slowly incorporate more colour as you gain more confidence.

While colour choice is personal taste, here is an excellent guide to choosing the right colour for you!


styled by Salonee Goyal, curated by Simran Goyal 

My outfit features a black sleeveless top with white dotted detailing, along with a pencil skirt that has grey and white detailing. To make this look more corporate, I selected a classic black black longline blazer, and a pair of black pointed wedges. To finish off the look, I tied together black square studs, a vintage Omega and a thin belt to create distance between the prints without taking away from the mixed print illusion.


top: Valleygirl | skirt: Valleygirl | blazer: Boutique | wedges: Ninewest | watch: Omega | earrings: Lovisa | lipstick: Revlon


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Stylishly yours,

-Salonee and Simran


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  1. This is my second week reading. Smartness and elegance are well balanced in your fashion articles. Well done!
    Would you extend your writings to men’s fashion?


    1. Thank you so much! At the moment we are focusing on women’s fashion. Men’s styling has strong potential, and it is a market we might embark on in the future.


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