Flirty Fringes (Shimmy, Shimmy)

Fringes are back. Possibly one of the most iconic fashion facets of the 20th century, fringed fashion is back in full force.

Fringes played a crucial role in adding lightness, flintiness and frivolity to various Autumn/Winter collections. Notable collections included Michael Kors, Milly and Prabal Gurung. Fringes adorned sleeves, embellished dresses and added drama to the hemlines of skirts and tops.


source: Vogue

Michael Kors designs for women who lead. His Autumn/Winter collection paid homage to that notion, but added a fun and experimental flair to how he tailored and finished his garments. He effortlessly combined power and seduction in well tailored dresses, skirts and coats, adding drama and playfulness with his keen eye for detail.


source: Vogue

Milly nailed chic with a strong message in their Autumn/Winter collection. While the clothing modelled had a moody undertone, with the rips and cuts symbolising a fractured society – the collection’s theme – deconstruction, reversibility and effortless cut outs presented a polished, strong and grungy appeal. Milly nailed the classic concrete jungle vibe, emulating the 90’s power woman so many of us seek to recreate in our own fashions.



source: Vogue

There’s no better place then the runway to display a message you’re proud of. Prabal Gurung did exactly that. He nailed what he was passionate about with emphatic tees and bold prints. Perhaps the greatest feat was employing gorgeous women who aren’t the fashion industry approved size zero. Overall, the collection was a progressive, stunning collection that heralded the changes we need to see in our fashion industry.

So you’ve seen what the runways displayed. Here’s my take on adding fringes to your wardrobe. It’s up to your taste and preference, whether you go all out or keep it in a classic, small pop.


From earrings, to bags. shoes and scarves, a little fringe flair on your accessories is a great way to add a bit of playfulness without looking too much.


Adding fringe to your tops is an excellent way to amp up the drama, whether it be on the sleeves or the hemline. The key consideration however, is considering your body shape:

For the curvier ladies, yes I’m referring to the full figured pear and hourglass women, fringes are perfect for drawing attention to your silhouette,r regardless of where the fringe detailing fall.s However, if you are wearing fringe on your hemline, make sure the length of the fringe sits neatly and symmetrically on the waist, so your curves are not hidden.

Straighter figured women falling into the inverted triangle, apple and rectangular body shapes should consider more subtle fringing at the hemline of a longer, looser top. Fringes are the perfect way to draw the attention down, as an onlooker is sure to follow the tassel length towards your legs.


Fringes are an exciting element to add to skirts and dresses. Your main consideration should be skirt length:

Pear and hourglass girls should gravitate toward longer skirts with a tight waistline and fringed hemming to flatter the body’s silhouette. Ladies with a straighter form can wear skirts or dresses of any length. Women with an apple figure should choose a skirt or dress with a more flounced/princess style skirt, whereas inverted triangle and rectangular figures should choose an A-Line silhouette with fringe detailing appearing anywhere on the skirt.


styled by SaloneeĀ Goyal, curated by Simran Goyal


To pay homage to the runways that featured colour schemes with vibrant metallics and moody tones, I decided to feature a look that combines a more subtle fringe detailing. This look is both corporate and brunch appropriate, and adds personality in the way the elements have been combined:

The ensemble I have created this week features a crochet, grey knitted, half sleeve cardigan flaunting fringe detailing on the hemline. I paired this jacket with a diamond neckline black pencil dress from Forcast, and accented my waist with a simple, black belt. I finished off the ensemble by adding a pop of colour and vivacity with snake print pumps. To keep the look corporate, I went with a classic structured black purse and my trusty Skagen watch.


cardigan: Rockmans | dress: Forcast | shoes: Corelli | earrings: Lovisa | watch: Skagen | bag: Charles and Keith


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Stylishly yours,

-Salonee and Simran



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