An ode to Pipilotti Rist’s Sip My Ocean


The audience is submerged into a twisting kaleidoscope of colours, sounds and movements as soon as they step foot into Rist’s exhibition. It’s a complete sensory overhaul really. The audience is free to align themselves with nature, as they view the symbiosis of nature, colour, the human body and technology.

This week’s post pays homage to the brilliance and creativity of Pipilotti Rist, a talented Swiss multimedia artist whose video aquariums and sensational environmental installations submerge the audience into bright kaleidoscopic environments that explore the symbiosis of nature, colour, the human body and technology. Rist challenges viewers by providing a dystopic fantasy of feminine empowerment. Ultimately, she submerges each member of the audience by penetrating everyday household objects and hyperimposing whimsical  explorations of paradise, to convey her unique approach to female subjectivity.

Pixelwald Motherboard (Pixelforest Mutterplatte) (2016) is an LED forest, created by 3000 LED lights suspended from cables that overlap across the ceiling like vines of a jungle. Viewers walk through the hanging vines, to stand within a flashing jungle of lights that reacts to the music in the exhibition space. Rist conveys the ever changing paradise of life through the twinkling and surging of the lights as they respond to the music.

source: MCA

Timelapse by Simran Goyal

4th Floor to Mildness (2016), is an underwater experience. Viewers lie down on the available beds and look up at two large abstract panels hanging from the ceiling. Underwater images of plants, limbs and see grace are projected through the abstract installations. Rist describes the fantasy of being an organic plant and simulates the dissolution of mud, water, molecules and the human form.

source: MCA

4th floor.jpg

Installation view of ‘4th Floor to Mildness’ (2016) at the MCA

Photograph: Ken Leanfore/MCA

There is pure joy to Rist’s works, and her values ring so true to my own artistic endeavours.



styled by Salonee Goyal, curated by Simran Goyal, on an iPhone X

The hair:

I created an organic, textured braided mohawk, by using Kayley Melissa’s techniques, and amalgamating buns and braids. By using a series of twists and winded braided buns, I emulated the LED bulbs that hung in Pixelforest in my look.

The dress:

Rist plays with water and flora throughout the entire exhibition. My dress conveys the sheer power of water by displaying firstly, the beauty of water which comes through in the deep blue of the net, over a golden underlay. But the force of water is emulated in the dress by how striking the pattern is, and how the pattern conveys movement and flow.

The accessories:

I kept my accessories understated to correlate directly with the colours and patterns in the dress. The earrings and necklace are bold but graceful. Along my arm, I’ve entwined a series of handmade necklaces, made with beads of different shapes, colours and textures. These necklaces also feature a combination of chains in various thicknesses. I think this emulates Rist’s own exploration of feminine empowerment, where she contrasts the pure feminine form with aggression.


Staying true to my classic tastes, I chose a delicate midnight blue, stiletto heel with shiny blue studded embelishments at the toe.


The makeup is natural. I wanted to define my face, without taking away from the exhibition’s own focus on the pure human form. The eyes are accented with shimmery gold eyeshadow, translating down onto the cheeks to highlight and sculpt the face. I chose a natural lip colour to bring some rosiness to the face.


dress:  Mr K | shoes: Ninewest | earrings: Lovisa | choker: Lovisa | arm ornaments: boutique | lipstick: Revlon | eyeshadow: Stila


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Stylishly yours,

-Salonee and Simran


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