Polka dots are everywhere this season. But how can we take a print usually associated with looking either preppy or matronly, and give it a fresh makeover? This post is your one stop guide on how to do exactly that for the upcoming autumn/winter season:

Let’s see what the biggest names in fashion did with polka dots on the runway:


source: Vogue

Balenciaga took a 180 from the streets based Vetements collection, to capture modern sophistication. With a focus on ease and wearability, Balenciaga featured looks that had a vibe of edge, attitude and noncholance. Polka dots featured on maxi dresses flaunting monochromatic colour schemes and flares; and as accessories to jazz up professional looking ensembles. The addition of polka dots added a girlish flair without taking away from the effortless professional vibe of the collection.


source: Vogue

Loewe created a sense of drama and raptured focus for their collection. Although they were on the runway for autumn/winter, the collection was full of more summer appropriate dress styles and tops. And to capture the attention of shoppers everywhere, black was detailed throughout the collection. Perfect really for us to induce in our love for the brand. Polka dots were bold but stayed in more neutral tones. Perfect to not seem overdone with such an intense print.




Polka dots on any accessory make your whole ensemble come to life. Even adding a polka dot scarf to a plain black tote will elevate your look.

ASOS                      FOREVER NEW              JIMMY CHOO        COMME DES GARCONS


For clothing, there is no real formula according to body type, colour or print size. Polka dots are subjective, and depend on personal taste and the situation you’re styling for. Consider your body shape and the tightness of your garment instead of print size. Curvier women should gravitate towards a tighter fitting top whereas straighter figured women should wear a looser fitting shirt.

For pants, curvy ladies should stick to a more subtle print, whilst the straight, athletic figure shapes can be as dramatic as possible to draw attention to the lower half of the body.

This same concept goes for skirts, dresses and jackets.

If you’re wearing polka dots to work, pair them with something more sober or understated.


Polka dots are also perfect for a casual ensemble. A simple sun dress or skirt can always be jazzed up with a polka dot print. And if you’re more daring, why not translate polka dots onto a jumpsuit or a pair of tailored shorts?

PORTMANS                           SABA                          ASOS                               ESPIRIT

As for the night, sheer materials are a great way to make polka dots look sexy.

CITY CHIC                                  MISS GUIDED                                 PORTMANS


styled by Salonee Goyal, curated by Simran Goyal

For this week’s outfit inspiration, I featured polka dots on my skirt and created a look that can be transitioned from day to night. I stuck with a classic colour palette and played around with my accessories to create a feminine and flirty dimension to the look.


top: portmans | skirt: JACQUI-E | shoes: Therapy Shoes | earrings: boutique | bracelet: Lovisa | lipstick: Revlon


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Stylishly yours,

-Salonee and Simran


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