Orange and black? This colour combination is synonymous with halloween. Think bats, pumpkins and your trusty dracula ensemble. But what if we showed you how you can make orange and black work for you? When done right, as the runways in Australia have shown, orange and black makes for a chic and bright ensemble. This colour combination will never fail to brighten up even the gloomiest of autumn days, and is both bold and sophisticated.

ALTUZARRA                                                       PINGPONG                                   CUE



Accessories are the best way to dip your toe into a new trend. A pair of statement earrings, a bag accented with orange, or adorned with an orange silk scarf; bright orange pumps to finish off your powersuit; and even adding are great, and understated ways to work this trend.


HERMES                                     COLETTE                                 NINA ARMADO



Orange and black can feature as more than just the colour of clothing. Why not pair orange and black in prints and patterns? This is a great way to integrate both hues into your wardrobe, especially if you’re experimenting with the combination or are less keen on wearing orange and black together.

Consider your skin type when you’re choosing the type of orange to wear. Moreover, keep in mind which aspects of your body carry more emphasis. If you are more curvier on your lower half, avoid wearing bright orange pants or skirts that mould to your silhouette. Orange is a great colour for ensuring the attention remains on the area of the body the garment is on. Why not add some dimension to your ensemble by wearing a well tailored orange blazer?



On the other hand, women with straighter figures, if daring enough, can easily work a tighter orange pair or pants or skirt. The key is pairing such garments with a fitted, polished black top and a fool proof pair of black pumps to tie the look together.


ASOS                                                              MISSGUIDED

And as for the women who have a fuller waistline and broader shoulders, select orange skirts with a flirty and flounced silhouette, or trousers in a smart cut and neat ankle cuffs. A longline statement blazer is also a great choice.

bottom 2.jpg





As a cool toned woman, I didn’t want to dabble in bright oranges, simply because the seasons are changing in Sydney, and Autumn is upon us. Instead, I played the orange on black trend to my favour by pairing blood orange with black. It still counts right?

I paired a gorgeous blood orange dress with leather pumps and a black trench coat. I cinched in my waist with a thin black belt and kept my hair sleek and professional. This combination ensured both colours stood out and showed their own personalities, without clashing messily.


Styled by Salonee Goyal, curated by Simran Goyal

dress: Piper | trench coat: Portmans | pumps: Corelli | earrings: Lovisa | watch: Omega | lipstick: Nars | belt: JACQUI-E


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Stylishly yours,

-Salonee and Simran






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