Stripes. Who doesn’t love a good striped garment? Stripes take us from day to night, they’re chic, wearable and make us look put together whether we’re running to the grocery store or running a meeting.

The beauty about wearing stripes is that there is no formula. There are considerations, yes, but stripes are so versatile that they flatter any figure. The two main considerations are stripe thickness and colour combination, to ensure you look flattering from all angles.


Length and fitting:

For the curvier ladies, choose a top with a tighter fit and a shorter length. We’re talking cropped tops or jumpers, or longer tops that tuck in neatly into skirts, pants or jeans.

THE PEOPLE                                                                   PIPER

On the flip side, ladies with broader shoulders or fuller upper bodies should consider looser, longer tops that elongate the upper body.




Necklines are a personal preference. However, here’s a great guide that summarises the types of necklines that exist. Shop around and see what flatters your figure best!



Horizontal stripes on pants are pretty rare. Vertical stripes are definitely the more fitting of the two when it comes to styling pants. Fitting is essential to making stripes work for you down below:

If you do have a heavier bottom half or fuller thighs, go for trouser styled pants with a tailored finish. Culottes or straight trousers featuring a prominent dark stripe will create balance, especially if you have a narrower upper body.

 JACQUI-E                                                               TOPSHOP

If you flaunt thin, long legs, enhance the athletic shape with trousers where the more prominent strip is a lighter colour. Go for slim fit trousers or printed Ponte pants.




Stripes on skirts can be vertical, horizontal, oblique or a mix of the three. With different cuts and styles, you can really get away with wearing stripes regardless of your figure. The main thing to consider is stripe direction, and skirt fitting:

Ladies with curvier bottom halves should gravitate for vertical or oblique stripes, to ensure they don’t overaccentuate the lovely curves they possess. If you have a narrow bottom half or a fuller stomach, you’re in luck because stripes in any direction will flatter your form!

As for fitting, curvier ladies should choose a skirt that doesn’t stick too much to their figure. Pencil skirts, a-line skirts or skirts following a mermaid silhouette are excellent choices. A tighter skirt should generally be paired with a thick dark stripes to ensure the attention is kept up top. This is easily attainable by wearing a belt.



On the other hand, women with straighter figures can wear any skirt. A striped skirt is perfect for bringing attention down below and making your figure look more balanced! For our gorgeous boss mums who might have a fuller stomach but shapely legs, definitely consider a skirt with a more flounced silhouette and avoid anything that is too snug on the stomach. After all, comfort is key!

 ASOS                                                                       PORTMANS


styled by Salonee Goyal, curated by Simran Goyal

When in Autumn, why not layer? Layering doesn’t just apply to garments. It applies to colours and textures as well.


top: Uniqlo | sweater: Target Australia | skirt: Valley Girl | boots: Sandler | earrings: Lovisa | lipstick: Bite Beauty


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Stylishly yours,

-Salonee and Simran


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