Meet the sisters!


Although we look similar, our body types, fashion favourites and go-to pieces for each season are completely different. This post seeks to inspire you, so you can organise your wardrobes to be season ready before the first chilly breeze hits!

Please note that this guide is for Sydney winters. We don’t have freezing winters here. There’s no snow. The coldest it gets is 8 degrees (celsius). So please keep that in mind!

Simran’s MINIMALIST guide to autumn dressing:

I’ve always gravitated towards a minimalist fashion style. I like simple pieces with interesting cuts or designs. I like to be comfortable when I’m out and about, and layering is an essential facet to my wardrobe. My wardrobe is stocked with basics, monotoned garments and pieces that flaunt simpler patterns.

What elevates my wardrobe is firstly, my love for accessorising. Tthere’s nothing quite like jazzing up a white tee and blue jeans combination with some funky statement jewellery. Secondly I have an eye for smaller details on my clothes. I love a boxy white tee, or having little logos and embellishments on my tops. Grommets, buckles, zips and stitched on detailing, especially when they’re asymmetrically placed are some of my favourite accent elements.

My style is comfort, all day every day. And as an inverted triangle figure, I’ve curated a guide for the clothing items I cannot live without during Autumn and Winter.

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Salonee’s CLASSIC guide to autumn/winter dressing:

To put it in a nutshell, my style is classic. I love investing in pieces that can carry me through a variety of seasons. I gravitate towards well-tailored garments such as pencil skirts, fitted blouses and structured blazers. But style reflects personality right? When I style myself, it isn’t just about the clothes. It’s about portraying my emotions through hair, accessories and my ensemble.

My wardrobe is multifunctional. I can take my garments from corporate to cocktail by simply switching out my shoes or changing my hair. I love playing with all colours, patterns and textures, and enjoy experimenting with new and exciting elements.

My style embodies looking and feeling great in whatever I wear. And as a woman with a curvier figure, I’ve curated an essential Autumn/Winter style guide perfect to flaunt my curves, even during the coldest of Winter days.

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[table id=4 /]


If you have any questions, or would like a certain fashion topic addressed, comment below or contact the The Tailor Trailer via instagram or email.

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Stylishly yours,

-Salonee and Simran


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