Your resumé and references are stellar. You know you’re a shoe-in for the new role. But what about your ensemble? Nailing an interview is about possessing true confidence, both inside and out. You want to stand out both on paper, and in person.

This week’s post is a guide to inspire how you can take your interview ensembles to the next level.

Showing personality in your clothing speaks volumes at a job interview. It is an excellent way to demonstrate your creativity, and single you out from the rest of the applicants. Having a different sense of style in the interview room or assessment centre is a great conversation starter, and will ensure you are remembered!


Business Insider provides a detailed explanation of the characteristics of different colours and their impact on a colleague. For example, black conveys leadership, whilst blue creates a sense of calm or trust.


Black screams power player. When wearing black, mix and match a black skirt, or black blazer with other colours. If you are wearing a black dress, wear one that features unique detailing at the neckline or flaunts a different hemline. Add some unique jewellery, a pop of colour or a contrasting bag to brighten your look. There’s no harm in owning a black power suit. Play it up with textures, tones and your blouse underneath to really make a statement!


True to the hue, blue ignites trust and loyalty. Blue is one of the safest colours to wear to an interview. Navy blue is both classic and chic, and has been voted the preferred colour to impress at an interview. Navy blue works on any garment or accessory!

Grey denotes independence and control over logic and analytics. Pants and blazers in grey are perfect when paired with olive, teal or dark purple blouses. Our advice would be to go toward a steel or charcoal grey, to ensure your ensemble does not get washed out under fluorescent lighting.


White indicates softness. It’s hard to truly radiate self confidence in a white ensemble, and you do not want to strike your future employers as someone who lacks creativity or passion. White detailing is acceptable, but try and steer away from the white shirt, black bottom combination.


Brown is an interesting corporate colour. Brown invokes dependability in the eyes of an onlooker. The most flattering way to feature brown is through accessories like shoes, bags or your watch strap. A darker brown, in a more patent finish definitely screams classy.


Red makes all the stops. It’s hard not to feel sexy, powerful and unstoppable in red. For interviews however, maybe steer clear of the Hilary Clinton-esque show stopper and save that ensemble for when you truly own the boardroom. Crimson and maroon blouses are great additions to a pant suit, to add femininity. Wearing red in accessories such as a thin belt to compliment a black dress, or your earrings are a great way to feature the colour as well.


COLours like orange, yellow, purple and green convey creativity and vivacity. These colours have a bad rap, with most women arguing they should only be worn to interviews in creative fields such as media. However, as firm believers of styling correctly, the first thing to consider is where you are interviewing, and who you will be speaking with. Read up on the company’s dress code. If formal business attire is the way to go, maybe save the yellow dress and instead, flaunt gold in artfully dainty jewellery, or on your bag’s hardware.

Whilst orange on black is very on trend for autumn/winter 2018, the contrast is too stark. Giving your interviewers a shock may not be the best way to go. Avoid neon and exceptionally bright colours, and opt for deeper, more sober tones of colours such as burnt ombre instead of orange, violet instead of lavender or forest green instead of turquoise.


tip one: swap your white blouse for another colour.

tip two: ensure your bag is both functional and aesthetic. A contrast bag will brighten any ensemble (but ensure the colour choice is still appropriate for the workplace. A neon yellow bag won’t do so well at a professional services firm, no matter how charming you are).

tip three: belts don’t just have to be for ensuring your pants stay up. Belts are great finishing elements to any look.

tip four: Black leather pumps are a safe bet for an interview. If you can, try find a variation on the black stiletto pump. Having a small detail on your shoe adds some excitement, whilst still keeping your look modest and professional.

tip five: depending on the company, wearing a lip colour will add glow to your face. If in doubt though, a dark nude that works to your skin tone is fool proof.


styled by Salonee Goyal, curated by Simran Goyal

LOOK 1: the pant suit



top: Portmans | pants: COCOC Australia | blazer: Forcast | pumps: Sandler | bag: Charles & Keith | watch: Skagen | earrings: Prouds Jewellers | sunglasses: Colette by Colette Dinnigam | lipstick: Nars

LOOK 2: the dress



top: Temt | skirt: Target Australia | blazer: Forcast | shoes: Corelli | watch: Skagen | bag: boutique | earrings: David Jones | lipstick: Nars


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Stylishly yours,

-Salonee and Simran


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