Part of developing a good aesthetic is also maintaining a strong budget. It isn’t always about the money. What you have in your pocket today isn’t the only driver when considering your corporate wardrobe.

It’s unreasonable to be expected to shell out hundreds of dollars on a corporate wardrobe, especially if your vibe is styling on trend items. We have three main tips to think about when looking at how you budget for a corporate wardrobe:


If you’re looking to spend under $100, invest in quality basics like a black pencil skirt from retailers such as Uniqlo or Target. H&M is a great option for blouses or trend items, and also stocks a variety of blazers throughout the year. For bags, look out for stores such as Colette and Strandbags. Online retailers such as ASOS are ideal for shoes, and it doesn’t hurt to venture into factory outlets either. Remember, style doesn’t mean the latest season or the highest brand.


If you’re looking to spend a little more, invest in garments that you can dress up or down depending on the garment. Buying a quality tailored dress from Review with belt loops or an asymetric neckline in a classic cut is ideal. Changing up the belt you thread through, or adding a pop of colour with a fresh coat of lipstick will immediately enhance your look.

Stores such as Portmans, Forcast and Jacqui-E are reliable for everything corporate. Zara will provide trendier items, and stores like Oxford and Brooks Brothers will always supply quality shirts, blazers and jackets. As for shoes and accessories, look or brands such as JAG, Cellini, Nine West and Wittner for quality leather goods that won’t break the bank.


For a larger budget, our advice is to invest in accessories rather than clothes. Do your research and find a quality, high end bag or pair of shoes that will carry you through numerous seasons. Brands we gravitate toward are Fendi, Escada, Prada, Fossil and Gucci.

However, if your heart is set on a high end corporate wardrobe, designers from Cue, David Lawrence or boutique Australian made designers will always provide unique, quality garments.


TIP 1: research

There are always sales, either online or in-store. Do your research and know your market so you aren’t beat out when the time comes to purchase new items for your corporate closet.

TIP 2: teeth and skin

A clean smile and fresh breath are another accessory to consider. Invest in a quality lip balm, which will prevent cracking and add a little shine to your lips. Even if makeup isn’t your thing, there’s no time like the present to learn how to maintain a neat base. Work with concealer and a setting powder to ensure your skin is even, fresh and glowy. Using a settling powder will also protect against any nervous sweat appearing on your t-zone or upper lip.

TIP 3: posture

You could wear a $1,000 ensemble but still fail to look put together. Standing straight and emulating confidence is key. People notice everything, so ensure your walk, talk and handshake are firm and confident. Engage in good conversation and don’t forget to smile and stand proud. Getting an interview is a huge success!


This week’s ensemble is a challenge to create a look under $100. We didn’t quite manage to incorporate a bag, but adding it all up, our look cost $84 all together!



shirt: H&M ($20) | pencil skirt: Target Australia ($20) | shoes: Therapy Shoes ($30) | Lovisa (5 pairs of earrings for 10 dollars, so one pair is $2) | lipstick: Burts Bees tinted balm ($12)

TOTAL: $84


If you have any questions, or would like a certain fashion topic addressed, comment below or contact the The Tailor Trailer via instagram or email.

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Stylishly yours,

-Salonee and Simran


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