With Fashion Week done and dusted for another season, it’s time to talk what’s new, exciting and on trend. Namely, we wanted to focus on the plethora of street style inspirations our instagram was flooded with.

Street style is everywhere. It’s cool, relaxed and a true celebration of tailoring, material and combination. Edge, unexpectedly high levels of sass and a sleek nonchalance are to be expected.

But what exactly is street style?

Street style, as the name suggests, has always been there. But it rose to prominence post World War II. An acceptance of different style and flaunting femininity or masculinity through androgynous tailoring is what we associate with street style. It’s a true celebration of quality materials and textures, and allows any style icon to be comfortable all day. Sneakers, asymmetry and unique tailored cuts are essential elements of street style.

So what went down at fashion week? 

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week was a true celebration of how Sydney, as a fashion conglomerate in its own right, displays street style reminiscent of what Sydney is – young, fresh and laidback. The vibe is moody, carefree and promotes true comfort whilst breaking fashion barriers. Wider framed aviator frames, the juxtaposition of leather and pale florals, bold and monotoned atheleisure and a celebration of tailoring that took frame and size to the limit were all on show this year:

Outfit inspiration:

styled by Salonee Goyal, curated by Simran Goyal

This week’s outfit draws on our favourite aspects of street style – mixing textures and size. We stayed true to our femininity by flaunting the sharpest aspects of the body. The look is clean, sharp and excessively cool in that effortless way. We amalgamated power suiting and street style to create a mixed look with cuffed trousers, an oversized vintage velvet blazer (sans top of course) to take control of the top, and finished the look with a biting pair of slingbacks.


blazer: boutique | pants: COCOC Australia | shoes: Corelli | belt: Oroton | earrings: Colette | sunglasses: Alex Perry | clutch: boutique | lipstick: Bite Beauty



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Stylishly yours,

-Salonee and Simran


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