The Tricks To Transition

Winter’s arrival doesn’t mean parting ways with our favourite spring and summer pieces. As boss ladies, we enjoy having access to all our pieces year round. The key to looking season appropriate is layering. It’s a well known fashion concept, and this week’s post dives into the considerations you need to make when it comes to layering under dresses.


Getting your colour combination right is a tiered approach. The first tier is your dress colour. Is it bold, or is it subtle? Bolder coloured dresses are best paired with basic tops. Neutral toned dresses have more flexibility. Gain an understanding of the colours that work well with your dress colour. Referring to guides like this will help clear any confusions you may have.


The best dresses to layer under are dresses with a high (turtleneck or mockneck) or plunge neckline. Under a high neckline, any layering piece will go, as only the layering piece’s arms will be on display. Under a plunge neckline, layering pieces with a tight fit look the most appropriate. A personal favourite is layering a tight mockneck under a dress featuring a v neck plunge.

Two other types of dresses to consider are overall dresses and slip dresses. These dresses allow for more experimentation because of their cut and fit.

A final consideration to note:

Whilst material and detailing is a personal choice, remember to strike balance with the pieces you’re layering. Bold, brightly embellished layering pieces are fine so long as the dress is simple.


This Zara dress is a summer staple. It is a multi-faceted dress, appropriate for both corporate and cocktail. The dress’ plunge neckline is shown off by layering a cashmere turtleneck in black, for cohesion. To highlight the gromit detailing on the dress, the accessories and boots are simple, classic and understated. A well tailored charcoal grey coat with strong button detailing is the final layering element to pull the look together.


dress: Zara | sweater: Uniqlo | boots: Windsor Smith | bag: boutique | coat: Target Australia | earrings: Lovisa | watch: Skagen | lipstick: Kat Von D


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